Pregnant Erotic Story

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daily Latinas Oral Language

"N-no" I said, "but the pill."

He actually stammered slightly in his reply and I was very pleased at the obvious underlying sexual impact I had had on him. “Cccould yyyou serve me, please aunty Mary?” He said, going bright red as the words left his lips.

"Yes," agreed Hans. "I couldn't resist any longer!"

Resigning myself to the inevitable I replied, 'I guess so, but I haven't really got anything suitable to wear for tennis.' As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew that Simon would have planned for the event.

"Fuck me! Fuck me," I moaned. He continued slamming into me until boss told him to switch. I got on my hands and knees. Now my asshole was inspected. He slipped a finger into my cunt, then drew it up and into my ass slowly. I heard boss moan, then mummer something.

“Dear lord Barb,” I was gasping.

That new dress cost him a fortune, shoulder strap fasteners with a low front, it couldn’t be worn with a bra, “spoil the look” she had said, her full 36c breasts filled the front and he could see her large nipples pressing into the fabric

He blushed again and whispered "No".

“Where is Jean?” I asked Nairobi.

She remained kneeling, staring down at the floor, tears dripping from her eyes, and waited for the next cock to be presented to her, knowing that there were at least three other men whom she hadn't serviced yet. For the brief time she was left alone her mind raced with the feelings and images of the night so far. The way they had swapped her between them, their hands running over her body, their lips and tongues pressing against hers. Her one hand instinctively rose up to cover her barred breast where her bra had been torn. When she lifted the material up and over her flesh, its delicate material brushing against her swollen nipple, she felt a wave of excitement wash through her body.

By now Rick was reclined against the head board watching the action with a raging hard on. Jill crawled over to him and began giving him a blow job. Karen stood, walked around the bed and offered him her hard nipples that were poking through her leather harness bra. Mike moved forward and played with Jill's big swaying tits as he enjoyed the show. Karen soon became excited again and had Rick stroke her clit while he sucked her nipples. Both she and Rick could see that Mike's big cock was ready for more action. Karen regretfully pulled away from Rick and went to her nightstand drawer. Rick continued to enjoy his blow job while watching his mother in law put on her own strap on dildo. She pushed Mike away from Jill as she lubed the silicon cock. Rick felt Jill moan around his cock as Karen placed the head at Jill's puckered ass hole. Jill grunted and groaned as Karen pushed the cock up her daughter's sweet ass. When she had it sufficiently buried, she kept still while Jill got used to the intrusion. As she began to slowly butt fuck her daughter, Mike stood on the bed fucked Karen's face with his cock. This ring side seat made Rick's cock twitch and throb in Jill's mouth. When Mike's cock was good and wet from Karen's saliva, he knelt behind her and pressed it towards her ass hole. Karen tensed up and stopped fucking Jill while Mike worked his cock up her ass. When everyone got their rhythm going, Rick thought Jill was going to suck the head of his cock off!

It was nearly sundown when Dyna opened her eyes again. Nova had sent two runners to fetch the other clan members and they would be returning by midmorning of the next day. So the rest of the hunting party had been busy creating some kind of shelter to spend the night. They did no more than fix some broad leaves as a kind of roof and they had gathered a few loads of dry grasses from the nearby plains. Not very luxurious, but adequate enough as a resting place. Dyna sniffed the air. Smelling the scent of roasting meat she had a hard time stopping herself from drooling.

Gripping my hips tightly, his fingers dug into my creamy skin, blanching the rose hue to a stark white. With his powerful strength, he pulled me onto his cock as he ravished my pussy. I let my cheek rest on the cool bedspread as my hand slipped between my legs, and my fingers frantically stroked my engorged clit.

I obeyed immediately, and she straddled me, holding my rigid cock at her entrance. "Watch this," she murmured, as she sank down onto me, impaling herself deeply.

I didn't get any work done the rest of the day, worrying that I'd be called in and fired. Relieved a little when nothing happened, I left still thinking it was going to and dreading waiting until tomorrow. My hopes grew when the next day, Thursday came and went like any other. I started to believe Becky was really going to keep her silence as promised. In my optimism, I'd an easier time remembering the details of my being discovered.