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Sunday, September 10, 2006

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"But your my sister. Hun, I've thought of you...I think your beautfiul...but this is.."

Jackie was more reserved, simply nodding in agreement and flashing a modest little smile. When I tried to slip my arm around Denise however, she seemed to pull away and I pulled my arm back down.

“I know this sounds very strange, but I wanted to thank you,” Beth began awkwardly.

He pointed out that older people now wanted to use computers, even if only to try and keep up with their grandchildren, but that most of the classes available were expensive and not designed to cater for older people.

Kneeling before them and kissing their feet – welcoming them to the club.

By the time Mat left, I had turned away at least a dozen customers, already worried and concerned that I had already invested more into this deal than it was really worth. At least I had the weekend to experiment a little. And I had two perfect candidates. Christy and Diane, my neighbors and unsuspecting friends.

"It is usually an hour before he will hence, lambling," the old maidservant says.


He didn't know quite where to take her, he wasn't about to leave her on the street so he took her home. He took out some blankets and made her a wonderful bed on the couch and she lay down, covering herself up. He told her he would just be right upstairs. Shay was getting confused again and she called after him as he started climbing the stairs,

By this time, my cock was painfully straining against my shorts so I pulled them down and placed my erection firmly between her legs from behind. Sally then pulled down her own panties and grabbed hold of my cock from behind. I let her move it against her pussy lips and could feel her getting wetter and wetter. She moaned softly as my hand left her breast and reached down for her clitoris, which I gently and rhythmically caressed.

Her composure quickly restored, she raised an eyebrow in surprise. “And what makes you so sure of that, Commander?”

"You really think so?" Valerie asked, loving to hear this from this young woman who actually had herself recently been working as a professional model.

It was so close now, just outside of her field of view, on the other side of the aptly named picture window. Without turning her head she strained to look into the darkness crouching outside.

I reached for her skirt, trying to remove it, but finding it difficult to comprehend the fasteners of this unfamiliar garment. She was having the same trouble with the button of my pants. We moved apart as I unclasped and unzipped my pants, letting them fall to my ankles as she unzipped and discarded her skirt.

I was close: Hansel and Gretel. When Wolfie tried his costume on, he reminded me of Chevy Chase in the movie European Vacation, when he did that Octoberfest scene. My husband looked like a 10 year old German boy from the 1700's with a bad case of gigantism. It was pretty comical, and I was not too concerned about other women hitting on him. Actually, I don't worry about that anyway, because he's so dense most of the time, he doesn't even know when women are hitting on him.

"Baby, Marca is something else, she is one fine woman!"

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“Sure,” Sharon answered perplexed for a moment and then I observed the light of recognition enter her eyes and she smiled at me. And I smiled back. ………. We were all in the woods early on the next Friday evening. The initial sorority hazing committee had chosen the location well. It was an area that promoted privacy and yet was still close enough to town to allow the unfortunate naked young women to return to their homes.

When the huge man tossed me, he wasn't just shoving or nudging me along, he really had some nice loft to the toss so that I went flapping my arms through the air and landed in the dirt on my back. My view of the sky was nice, and the sunshine and puffy white clouds were a nice change from all the rain we've had lately. The man was yelling at me again which gave me cause to add an official item to my Considering Things list.

"How could I forget it, Caroline? She sucked me dry."

Relief came within a few hours as the star began to set. It was now a huge red ball in the sky, sinking below the horizon to the left of her. And to the right, just above the horizon were two tiny moons, barely visible yet in the haze. She noticed them and stopped. "Woooooohooo! How fucking romantic, two moons." Tchava laughed to herself and carried on walking.

Dave always knew he had a gorgeous daughter, but it wasn't until she turned eighteen that he realized exactly how beautiful she was. It was then that he knew he wanted her; he needed to be with her and from that moment no other woman would satisfy him.

"Please. Don't cry, Miranda," he whispered, coming back to her and lying in the bed, stretching alongside her without touching her. "I promise that I won't do anything to hurt you. And that I will give you pleasure. I didn't come here to take from you, Miranda. This isn't rape."

"Do you feel your body becoming tense?"

Angered by her words, Bruno said, "You need a good slap to put you in your place bitch."

Nicola had forgotten and now he had to start again. She asked for more brandy. It was warming inside but so was her rear.

2.) Manhood—Exactly the opposite of "dick." This is a term that feels like peeking under the sheet and blushing to see what's concealed beneath. An inexperienced girl might think about her lover's manhood; a couple that has just been through a traumatic experience and needs to feel each other's closeness to heal might use manhood rather than a more obscene noun that might break the tender mood.

We sat and talked for while. We compared each other's bodies. Lori was slightly larger. I was deeper. We talked about trimming techniques and oral sex. As we talked, we got progressively lusty with our list of 'experiments' we wanted to try. We rubbed our four breasts together. We licked each other's breasts then our own. When we felt relaxed and daring enough we decided to 69 and tickle each other with our tongues as a contest—the first one to surrender, lost. Lori totally succumbed when I found her ass and began to tease and lick it.

Matt had her screaming so loud I feared someone would call the hotel dick, but he finished up in her stretched twat to keep her quiet temporarily. But it didn't stop her for long. She yanked Adam back into bed, by his penis, and demanded it inside her now!

Imogene smiled and walked over to her, pausing a minute to check her IV. "Well, I've got a question for you," Nurse FairHaven said.

"Well…" she laughed nervously. "Gosh, even after last night this is harder to talk about then I imagined. Stuff that's…well, extreme and kind of out there."

I began to wish my wife would get off the phone but at the same time my cock was telling me I was excited about her getting fucked! Again her voice came on the line. She told me she had just cum several times (I already knew that) and she had been fucked by an expert! I listened as she described the man who had just fucked her! He was huge and also black and he had fucked her for a long time before he came in her cunt. Suddenly I heard her say, "O.K. but just wait a second or two. Darling, I have a huge cock ready to cum in my mouth - please listen in as I suck him off. I will hold the phone close to my mouth!" I could hear her slurping on his cock until he began to groan and then for the first time I actually heard a man cum in my wife's mouth! The noise he made as he was pumping his cock into her mouth and then the noise of his cum splashing into her open mouth was almost too much for me! She must have had the phone right alongside her open mouth because the sounds were so realistic I couldn't believe them!

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By the time we crossed over the California Border and headed into Bridgeport the wind had picked up and it looked like one of those quickie storms were brewing. The radio said that snow was possible in the higher elevations and may get up to a foot before morning. By the time we passed the Bodie turnoff it had begun to snow. I was getting a little worried now. Hopefully, the snow would not get serious and force us to stop. The outside temperature was around twenty five and my car heater was working overtime. As fate would have it, by the time we got to Lake Owens, the snow had closed the highway down to one lane in either direction and you couldn't see twenty feet in front of you. After stopping at several motels in the area, I found a prosperous night manager who let me rent his trailer in the back for fifty bucks a night. Making our way in the snow to the trailer was an event. We were both cold and tired and just a bit edgy. We slipped and skidded, fell, helped each other off the ground only to fall back down again. Everything was icy and slick and fresh powdered snow was sitting on top of it.

Disclaimer: The character of Ardeth Bay belongs to Stephen Sommers and Universal Studios. No infringement intended. All other characters owned by the author.

After the long flight to Wyoming and a scenic car ride they arrived at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel.

The picture in question was a pair of girls on a bed, one being pleasured and the other doing the pleasuring. The pleasuree was propped up in a sitting position, her head thrown back in a picture-quiet moan. Her ruby red lips stood in stark contrast to her creamier pink-pale skin. Hard and sticking out, her nipples were barely a shade darker than the rest of her skin. Her hand clutched her left breast tightly. Both women were dark brunettes, but she had a perfectly shaved clit. Her legs were bent and spread, as in a classic meditating position.

Jane gazed up at him. He looked more mature. Still in great shape, he was hot in a white t-shirt and jeans. He was wearing sporty sandals and his hair was streaked with blonde from the sun. His eyes stared back at her and she noticed something in his look that had never really been there before. To her, it looked like lust, and it made her nipples hard and her flesh broke out in goose bumps. She uncrossed her legs, sitting up on her ankles.

The kissing continued, but we began to grind furiously. I placed my hands under the bottom of her shirt and grabbed her ass cheeks. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the shirt was indeed the only thing she was wearing.

I open my eyes quickly and close my moaning mouth, yanking my hand out from inside my pants.

"Tell him I'll be there in a minute. Now get out of here," he said.

Abby had resumed masturbating furiously by the time I got to that one. I kissed all around it while allowing her room to operate on her cunt. As I gently caressed her inner thigh she roared into a major cum. She thrashed and moaned loudly. She collapsed with a sob.

I got many thrills over the next couple of years as Heather gave me a show, whether she knew she was or not. One Friday night, as they were getting ready for a game, I happened by Betty's room and the door was ajar. I stuck my head in to wish them luck and there was Heather getting dressed. She didn't see me as she bent over to put her panties on and I watched as she pulled them up and reached for her bra. Her perky little tits stood straight out and she turned with her back to me and I watched her put on her top and then she bent over to step into her cheerleading skirt.

This story takes place in the entirely fictional city of Springfield, California, so don't go looking for it on a map. And in my little fictional world, there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD's, except as plot driving devices. The author encourages the practice of safe-sex. Finally, as the name implies, this is part of an ongoing series. It would benefit the reader greatly to examine the earlier stories for background information and descriptions.

Part 11

When Thursday came and I answered the door I was a little taking back. This guy was really cute and he was very confident and polite. He really carried himself well. He had on your typical low budget college get up. Sneakers, socks shorts and a t-shirt. But he filled it out very well. He said he had some questions for me. I followed him outside. He asked about blade height, and should he should put the bags of grass etc.

I slide myself quickly onto you, almost making you thrust upwards to get more. Then, i begin to turn around, slowly, so that eventually I am facing your feet.

The sight of my little girl kneeling down and stroking my cock pushes me almost to the limit. But when she runs her finger through my pre-cum and licks it from her finger, well the battle was lost. “Do you like the taste, my little one? Would you like another taste? It’s okay…just…just use your tongue this time.” I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but my cock is leading me now. I feel and see my precious daughter’s tongue lick at the pre-cum oozing from my cock. The first lick is tentative, soft and slow… oh God it feels so good. I start stroking her hair as she explores further with her tongue….soft little circles around the tip of my cock. I moan deeply with pleasure….and her head jerks up, her eyes filled with concern. “Oh my precious…that feels so good….please….please lick Daddy some more.” I hesitate then add…”Lick it like a popsicle….all over.”

We all collapsed on the couch and Alicia sat next to me and stroked my cock dry with her hand. Lisa and Paul kissed some more and rubbed each other. It was getting very late and although we all wanted to fuck some more our jobs probably would not be as understanding if we all went to our jobs exhausted.

"So why didn't you say anything when I was doing it."

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The boys fucked her silly, alternating between her mouth and ass, keeping her nicely lubed and nasty. She loved the attention and the cocks pounding her. One of them was rubbing her clit and the other slide his cock deep in her ass, then all the way out and then back in. She shivered and orgasmed.

"You are my two best friends" She looked imploring at Paula and then said. "Emma stay a little I think you will be pleased."

I hadn't seen Kyle in a few years. He was an old boyfriend from college; after graduation, he went to the University of Florida for law school and I had moved to Miami and settled into the grind of work. He had just broken up with a girlfriend of three years, and he was so excited when I told him I was coming to visit. So I knew I had to figure out a way to cheer him up.

The intimacy began when we finally went to bed... together. I was on my back under the covers, with a very feminine head resting softly upon each shoulder. An arm wrapped around each of them, I held the two women close to me as they absently stroked my bare chest, dipped a finger into my navel, brushed my thighs through the sweatpants I typically wore to bed, caressed my stiffening manhood. My eyes closed, I reveled in their touches: inherently familiar, yet full of rediscovery due to the lengthy passage of time.

"Thanks daddy." She skipped out towards the stair.

It must have been 10:00 AM when I heard my new land lady moving around outside. Looking out the window I was pleased to see that she was wearing shorts and a blouse as she watered her plants around the house.

I thought for sure she'd want to at least wipe off my cock, and maybe wash it, but she just told hold and started licking. Around and around the head went her tongue, swirling around the turgid flesh. She probed into the piss-slit, scooping out the precum as it flowed out. Then, after thoroughly cleaning the head of all traces of her cunt and ass, she went to work on the shaft. I don't know how I managed to hold out, but I did. She licked every millimeter of my manhood. Finally She sucked me into her mouth down to the root. Those sensuous lips looked great around my flesh. Up and down, deeper and deeper, faster and faster she sucked until I couldn't keep control any longer. I told her I was going to cum but she didn't let go. It only took a few more seconds before jets of semen erupted from my balls into her mouth. By the time the last dribbles of jism exited my cock I was exhausted. My erection was softening and my legs felt like jelly. I sat down next to this wonderful sexy woman, trying to catch my breath. She turned to me and gestured for me to look up at her face. When I did, she opened her mouth. Her lower jaw was filled almost to the top of her teeth with my ejaculate. It looked very thick and cloudy with a few lighter streaks here and there. She closed her mouth and swallowed deeply. I imagined each little sperm flowing past her tongue, and down her throat into her belly. When she finished, she opened her mouth as if to prove that it was "all gone" and licked her lips.

"Save some for me, Slim," said the mounted cowboy. Slim was straining to hold the struggling girl while he fumbled at his trousers. He had just freed his erect, dirty penis when the slippery, wet girl wiggled free and dived in the water.

It was funny to see how far we still had to drive to get back to Nanaimo.We certainly didnt waste too much time pulling over and messing around before.On the drive home we bolth decided that we do want to do this again and that we should start an affair so I should come over at around 9 in the morning to their big house in the suburbs at around 9 in the moning after her husband goes to work and her kids are in school because we would have the whole house to ourselves.

"What do you mean 'more'?" he queried.

Franklin raised his head up and looked at her in a brand new light. "Will you tell me something."

With his cock spent and his balls emptied, Vance gave her a gentle kiss on the lips by way of thanks, then eased his dick out of her pussy. She was such a good lay, Vance was sorry that it was over, but what an incredible fuck she had been. Loud too, for Jay and Chuck had heard their rather loud interlude, and had come up the stairs to investigate. Whether or not they had seen anything was uncertain, but as Vicki lay on the bed she saw them staring at her.

“It’s a quarter, not a bag of dog food,” I scold as she bends her knees lowering herself to the floor. “Just be a good girl and bend at the waist and pick it up.” Mom’s face turns the most wonderful shade of red as she knows I, and anyone else looking, can see her ass, and if looking closely enough the pussy that I had her shave clean last night. She straightens up and hands me the quarter.

Gina looked up from Trey's dripping balls and said, "Four girls is a lot for one guy, what do you think Trey?"

The cock came out of my mouth. A mouth came down to my cock. Lips closed over it. My cock slid into a hot, wet mouth engulfing my slimy cock. Suction was applied. A tongue rippled along the bottom of my shaft, swirled up, around. The mouth went down on me again, sucked some more. With Anthony’s cock pounding into my tight hole, my cock in the mouth erupted. Creamy cum, thick globs started squirting, shooting into the mouth faster than the mouth could swallow. My cum spilled onto my crotch, ran down my legs over Anthony’s cock still fucking me.

“Try and relax. You seem to be fine but I’m going to clean you up real quick,” Lori said to Ross as she removed the blindfold and gauze from over his ears. “You’re a little bit swollen but nothing that a good fucking won’t cure,” she said laughing. She smoothed back the thick foreskin and applied the alcohol saturated gauze strip. Ross immediately yelped as his butt rose up off of the chair. He could feel the immediate burn in his cock as the rubbing alcohol soaked into the tiny cuts and scratches on his cock.

But then, the fire started burning in her loins. She began rubbing furiously, forgetting all about Tom and the camera. But just as she was about to explode, her fingers stopped moving.

Then she continued, she has "never had the opportunity". "The opportunity never presented itself." 'So why now?', I thought. 'What made it present itself now?'